Saraswati Adhikari

Saraswati is a 45 year old woman. Her husband left her for another women and she is left on her own to feed her family. She used her current loan to buy vegetables. To find fresh vegetables at a good price, Sarawati travels little bit further away from town. It takes her 2hours to make the return journey.
As she lives in a remote area she has to walk long distances to sell the vegetables direct to other households

. Statistics
Number of dependents: 4
Business type: Sells vegetables; grows and sells to the market
Name of her village: Hyanja
Net income now: Rs 300 per day
Original loan size: Rs 10000
Current loan: Rs 9100
Time in programme: 3 yrs

How has MicroLoan helped you?

Having the loans has helped me care for four children. Before the loans the children were often only eating one meal a day; now they eat lunch and supper every day.

What problems has your business faced?

The business is going well, but it is hard work. I sometimes find it difficult to repay the loans every one month due to stikes and political crisis in the country but I have always managed to get by.

What plans do you have for the future?
I would like to move closer to the market as it is very difficult walking so far for everything. I would like to open a grocery store, and to make enough money for my children to eat three meals a day.