Junu Maya B.K

Junumaya is a 32 year old married woman. She used her current loan to buy chicken for chicken farming. She has to feed the chicken, make sure appropriate lightining to have the right temperature and rare enough chicken to make her return. Her husband helps with the business and looks after the children as well as work as a carpenter.
Number of dependents: 7
Business type: Chicken farming
Name of her village: Baidam rented room

Net income now: not ready for sale
Original loan size: Rs 10000
Current loan: Rs 8300
Time in programme: 3 years
How has MicroLoan helped you?
i am still waiting for the chicken to grown up and make good money in the market. We shall wait and see. It looks promicing .
What problems has your business faced?
The business is going well, but it is hard work. Lets hope their will be no talk about bird flu, which will damage my business badly.
What plans do you have for the future?
My plans for the future is to do a farming in a bigger scale and make more money for the family. Having 7 children husband and me it is difficult but i am keeping fingers crossed and hoping the business i have started with the loan will do far better for the family.