Health Camp

Health Camp Program was organized by the Butterfly Foundation at the Butterfly Child Care Center. The program is meant to be a first step towards assisting the children from the Foundation that do not have easy access to medical care. There are several different costs associated with raining children. Medical care is one of the mist import costs and can therefore be hard to attain. It is this lack of health care at an early age that can a affect a child's growth and development in several areas that in the future will only compound the consequences and the costs.
The Health Camp Check-up, a comprehensive medical check-up program, conducted by a local senior pediatrician Doctor Hom prasad Neupane, was organized to help ensure proper health for the children. Continual check-ups at a early age will not only instill the practice of routine check-ups at an early age but will set the stage for a healthier future. A total of 57 children were present at the Health Camp, most of which are from the Butterfly Child Care Center. Due to the ever unpredictable weather conditions and a change in climate lots of common diseases such as hay-fever pneumonia, common cold and allergies were identified and treated accordingly, including free medicine distribution. Although these medical issues were identified it is clear that the Butterfly Child Care Center is having a positive influence on the children's health and well-being as several were considerably healthier this check-up as compared to the last. Many thank to all the staff and volunteers, our supporters and donors. The program was extremely successful and we will keep you informed about information regarding the next medical check-up. Please Please we need your help to keep this program running for a long time. There are many ways to help us. For more detail log on to Thank you