Dhansubba Darji

Dhansubba is a 52 year old married woman. she now lives in her daughter rented room She used her current loan to buy and sell fresh vegetables. As being a grandy of five children and the mother of the chidren gone abroad it takes longer time to travel and gather different kind of fresh vegetables.
Mother of the children gone abroad and left on her own with five grand children she is slow in her business pace.
Number of dependents: 5
Business type: Buy and sell fresh vegetables
Name of her village: Baidam
Net income now: Rs 400 per day
Original loan size: Rs 10000
Current loan: Rs 8500
Time in programme: 3 years
How has MicroLoan helped you?
Having the loans has helped me care for five grandchildren. Being a granny of 52 years old i am not quick on my feet but i am doing well to feed the family with at least 2 meals a day.
What problems has your business faced?
The business is going well, but it is hard work. I sometimes find it difficult to repay the loans every one month but I have always managed to get by.
What plans do you have for the future?
I am expecting the mother of the children to come back and help me to work together to help the family. I would like to open a large scale Grocery shop and sell it to the customers without having to be left on my own.