Chali Pariyar

Chali is a 32 year old married woman. She used her current loan to buy green vegetables. To find fresh green vegetables at a good price, Chali travels to a market. It takes her 1hour to make the return journey.
As she lives not far from the market she has to walk at least 1 hour to sell the Green vegetables direct to other households. Her husband helps with the business and looks after the children when she is away working and also does labour at construction
Number of dependents: 4
Business type: Green vegetables
Name of her village: Baidam kharare

Net income now: Rs 325 per day in average
Original loan size: Rs 10000
Current loan: Rs 8500
Time in programme: 3 years.
How has MicroLoan helped you?
with 4 children, husband and me in a family, before micro loan it was difficult to go about day to day life, now i am also earning in my family and my husband too. So 2 and 2 put together has increased our earnings which is making our lives much easier then before.
What problems has your business faced?
The business has gone well, theri was few laps when the political crisis took place. Strike means business, whether small or big were not allowed to go out in the market.
What plans do you have for the future?
my plans for the future is to open a vegetable market and sell it to the customers not having to travel to buy and sell it.