Ambika Khadka

Ambika is a 31 year old married woman. She used her current loan to buy Vegetable. To find Vegetable at a good price, Ambika travels to a market. It takes her only half an hour to make the return journey.
As she lives not far from the town in a rented house little bit easier for her to buy and sell it to the household. Her husband is a labour working in construction and also helps her in the business as well as looking after the children
Number of dependents: 1
Business type: Buy and sell fresh vegetables
Name of her village: Malepatan
Net income now: Rs 400 per day
Original loan size: Rs 10000
Current loan: Rs 7500
Time in programme: 3 years
How has MicroLoan helped you?
What problems has your business faced?
The business is going well, but it is hard work. Find it hard when the country goes to a hault. The political crisis and the strike caused by various parties has made me anxious but some how i have managed to repay the loan in time.
What plans do you have for the future?
The future plan for me is to own my vegetable grocery market and do a lot more and make good money so that i do not have to worry too much and travel to buy and sell goods.